“This is who we are…”

"This is who we are." - We never were no formal group, no secret society. No blood oaths, no goat-headed rituals, no masonic symbolism. Those are for children, and thelemites. We just were. And our bonds were forged on other planes…

Expat Life – and Crypto Debit Cards

The best crypto based debit cards with worldwide availability and reasonable KYC requirements (or none at all!)

How to survive a Bitcoin Bull Market – in 7 simple steps

“Survive a bull market? Dafuq you talking about, dude?? Isn’t that where we all get “rich” and some of us might even get girlfriends???” Well, young padawan… first of all, you won’t get a girlfriend that way. Just a better-looking…

The Return of the Cello Warrior

After 20 years it is time again to pick up a cello bow and re-join the fight for the ears of the world.