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Social Media Must Be Reborn

Social Media is dead. The big ones have been taken over by a cult of oppressive technocrats, their platforms transformed into heavily censored echo chambers for mainstream right think. Brutal deplatforming and silencing of any meaningful dissent (be it “left” or “right”, or, heaven forbid, something really independent) has become the norm. You challenge the Covid narrative? Poof. Gone. You support a politician they don’t like? Welcome to the black hole full of burned books, forgotten people and murdered thoughts.

Any participation in the mainstream social media prolongs their existence and gives them legitimacy. So don’t be a pussy and get out of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and the rest of the shit show.

But where to go?

Many of the emerging new platforms are either technically junk, run by the criminal “intelligence community” as honeypots and data mining operations, or lack the critical mass of users that is essential for any meaningful discourse. Most of them still are centralized platforms, which means whoever controls the servers can censor and delete, attacks from the outside (“hackers”, state actors, …) are potentially devastating.
Platforms that use censorship-resistant technology (p2p, darkweb, blockchain, …) are still rare, most of them provide a terrible user experience and are suitable only for nerds, and basically all of them lack a powerful marketing strategy that would pull in a relevant number of users.
I have no solution, and people like Kim Dotcom talk a lot, but so far do not deliver.

In the meantime I am evaluating some of the current platforms that are not entirely shit, and use them for my limited needs to publicly expose myself.

Feel free to join (or “follow”) me in these experiments – or not.

My Social Media Profiles

I will start to publish more in the near future, mainly on this website, and accordingly will ramp up my activities on various social media platforms that do not instantly make me puke.

The Future

PanQuake – I usually do not support/promote stuff that does not yet exist, but the situation in Social Media is dire. The team behind PanQuake is well known for their political stance, many are long term Assange/Wikileaks supporters, they are trustworthy in my opinion. They are also not based in the US empire – which is a big plus. And opposite to many of the smaller platforms (see below) PanQuake not only has cutting edge technical concepts, but could have a chance to attract relevant user numbers, it is not a “made by nerds for other nerds” platform. Development is currently underway, and you can pre-join and support their development with a donation (fiat and crypto accepted). Do it. I think this is our best shot to have a likable, usable and attractive Twatter-replacement in the very near future! >>> support PanQuake <<< – if you prefer to donate crypto currencies, the addresses are directly on their website: >>> Donate Crypto to PanQuake <<<

Active Profiles I currently use:

Twetch – pretty decent Twitter-like experience, blockchain-based, relatively low percentage of scumbags and idiots in team and userbase.
Join me via this invite link – >>>click here<<<.

Pocketnet – somewhere between FB and Twatter, blockchain-based, highly decentralized and basically uncensorable.
>>> MartinTheWanderer on PocketNet <<<

Gab – the very christian green frogs sometimes make me roll my eyes, but they are extremely tolerant and REALLY “pro free speech”, for everyone. They also overcame massive opposition and hostility, are still around, alive, kicking, and building. If the recent madness brings in a wave of more diverse (in a positive way…) users, they currently have the best chance to reach relevant numbers – unlike Twetch, Pocketnet and others which are clearly small niches. My Gab account has been dormant for over a year, but will see more activity in the future again.
>>> MartinTheWanderer on <<<

Minds – Basically a Facebook-Replacement. Better suited for long-form rants or blogging than the others. Currently just a placeholder, but I will likely use it more in the future.
>>> MartinTheWanderer on Minds <<<


Parler – financed by weirdos with a history of selling data, run by weirdos like fake “ex”-intelligence dude Bongino. Technically incompetent. Collecting phone numbers and ID even for basic features. Obvious honey pot. (Update: oh, and they got “hacked”, how unexpected, LOL)

Mastodon – while the software package is open source and not bad in itself (Gab runs on forked Mastodon code) the fact that everybody can start a Mastodon instance has more disadvantages than advantages. Unless you set up your own little echo chamber you will face hordes of Hentai porn addicts and a righteous crowd of fake-left, trans-supremacist thought police marshals that make the big Mastodon servers uninhabitable and usually get you banned in hours if you “offend” one of those little Nazi pricks.

…to be continued…

Word of Wisdom:

Yes, on every actual free speech platform you will encounter idiots, nazis, communists and a lot of freaking weirdos. That is the point. They have the right and ability to spew their nonsense, you have the right and ability to mute/block/unfollow whatever pisses you off. Grow up.