Social Media is Dead

The big ones have been taken over by a cult of oppressive technocrats, their platforms transformed into heavily censored echo chambers for mainstream right think. Brutal deplatforming and silencing of any meaningful dissent (be it “left” or “right”, or, heaven forbid, something really independent) has become the norm. You challenge the Covid narrative? Poof. Gone. You support a politician they don’t like? You do not bow to trans supremacy, racial extortion and the mandatory outrage/alarmism of the day?
Welcome to the black hole full of burned books, forgotten people and murdered thoughts.

My Social Media Profiles

I am going dark.
And that will most likely include my social media profiles that have been more or less dormant over the past years anyways.
Might use Twitter and Telegram or Discord on occasion for technical issues/support.
Might use Panquake in case I ever feel the need again to share thoughts or images from my life.
Or not.
You will notice.

Or not.