Social Media is Dead

The big ones have been taken over by a cult of oppressive technocrats, their platforms transformed into heavily censored echo chambers for mainstream right think. Brutal deplatforming and silencing of any meaningful dissent (be it “left” or “right”, or, heaven forbid, something really independent) has become the norm.

Elon, with his “I have the license to clown around and play the rebel billionaire, to a certain extent” attitude has revived Twitter/X, at least a bit, although there is still heavy censorship going on via “shadowbanning”, now euphemistically described as “freedom of speech, not freedom of reach”.

Decent looking alternatives and newcomers like Panquake have so far turned out to be vaporware, black holes for donations, or outright “intelligence community” honeypots.

The average level of retardation that dominates all platforms that I know of also helps to keep me out of there, for the most part.

My Social Media Profiles

The past few years I went more or less dark, which included the deletion or hibernation of my social media profiles.
Currently I am posting on X/Twitter, occasionally, I still have an Instagram account, although mostly dormant, and I am on Gab, have not posted in ages, though. Currently testing Nostr/Damus (pub code npub1dqm4cd8m9vawk3wcnujttmwmexc4q7sz8nqpuveskgtm983h9dusz9ch43 – or scan the QR on the right), promising but unsure how active I will be there.
If you want to be notified of future book releases or want to get sporadic glimpses into my life – bookmark this website, and follow me on Twitter/X and Instagram, those are the most likely to see any activity in the future.