How to survive a Bitcoin Bull Market – in 7 simple steps

“Survive a bull market? Dafuq you talking about, dude?? Isn’t that where we all get “rich” and some of us might even get girlfriends???”

Well, young padawan… first of all, you won’t get a girlfriend that way. Just a better-looking hooker, if you are lucky, until your Sats run out 😉.

 That being said: yes, bull markets tend to kill little investors and traders like you and me, or at least shake us out of valuable positions long before it would have been time. It is much easier to lose your mind in the rush of a bull run, than during the relaxed bearish HODL-hibernation during a “crypto winter”.

But not if you have a good game plan, focus on the right things, and stick to your own rules.

Here are mine:

  • Don’t play their game. 
  • Buy real Bitcoin.
  • Don’t trade. 
  • HODL
  • Sell or use whatever you need and want, without regrets
  • Focus on real growth in your life. 
  • Gain independence, not just financially. 

Sounds boring? Maybe. Or not. Let me elaborate. 

1. Don’t play their game. 

Get out of their mindset, and into yours. Do you need millions of Dollars and a Lambo to live a meaningful, fulfilling life? Are short-term gains and “getting rich quick” worth losing your moral compass and turning into a spineless, greedy mercenary? Is it great that criminal organizations like Blackrock start to take over the crypto space and that “regulators” “regulate” crypto and more and more coins and exchanges adhere to “compliance” rules so the ruling class might deem crypto acceptable “financial instruments” that can be tolerated because they lost their revolutionary soul and are no longer a threat?

How much do you really need, to do the things that you want to do in this life, and what are you willing to do to get there? And what are you not willing to do?

Questions only you can and should answer.

You do not have to share my beliefs and somewhat “extreme” opinions, but have some of your own – not just be a scripted NPC  doing whatever they tell you to do, thinking whatever they tell you to think, and chasing whatever absurdities that they think you should be chasing – they want you perpetually distracted from yourself and the things that actually matter.

Trading and investing are above all a mind game.

Learn to play it by your rules, define your own goals and processes, and follow your own game plan. 

2. Buy real Bitcoin. 

Don’t be fooled. If you “invest” into some “financial product” from Grayscale, Microstrategy, Blackrock, et.al  you are not buying Bitcoin. If you  buy BTC on an exchange, it is not really yours unless you withdraw it to a private wallet where you control the keys. And lets not even start to talk about shit coins, meme coins,… there is about a dozen coins out there worth owning, the rest is junk. Dump 100 bucks into some meme coin if you want to (I bought my dog some Floki, because that is his name, LOL), but do not call that investing.

Buy BTC. Not BCH, not BSV or any other crap. BTC. Only add other selected coins after you get a grip on how these coins and the crypto markets work, what is long term investment, what is short term gambling, what is utter Ponzi crap… until then, stick with BTC.  Learn how to store it. It is not complicated, and if you look at the most likely development of its value, it is well worth watching a few hours of videos and reading some articles about hardware wallets, paper wallets and self custody. Be your own bank, literally. 

If you do not feel comfortable picking a time to invest, do DCA – dollar cost averaging. Meaning you buy Bitcoin for a fixed amount of fiat, every day or week or once a month, no matter the current price. So automatically you get more Satoshis when the price is low, and fewer when the price is high, and over time, accumulate quite a stack. Most exchanges and some wallets allow you to do this automatically. 

3. Don’t “trade”. Don’t “invest”

Seriously. The vast majority of traders does not make money. Fact. People just don’t like to hear it. “Chart analysis” or “TA”  is nothing more than self-fulfilling voodoo, “works” only as long as enough people believe in it, and until one of the big non-believers crashes the party.  Big players can crash or pump the markets anytime they choose – they can afford to invest or lose trillions of dollars, more than the combined market capitalization of all crypto currencies. Those guys don’t follow the markets  or play chart/indicator games, they manipulate the markets whichever way they want, to give them more power, even more money, or to destroy a perceived threat. Some people get lucky, but most don’t. If you trade at all, trade spot. Limited, real gains, limited, real losses (that you are not even forced to realize, you can just weather a crypto winter without ever selling anything). No “liquidation”, “margin call” and other fictitious fiat bullshit, ever. 

Oh, and don’t buy anything that you do not want to succeed, that you do not believe in. Buy, be happy when things go well, sell/use when you have enough. “Short sellers” who prey on failure, decline and destruction are subhuman scum, all of them. Don’t be that guy, and if you meet one in real life, put on gloves before you touch him (of course only to dispose of him). 

Another trap, esp. for beginners, are all those high yield crypto “investment” “opportunities” out there, promising outrageous annual returns, paid daily, with compounding, and praised as the ultimate source of “passive income”. Usually the annual returns are calculated based on fiat – compared to the average annual growth of Bitcoin they suddenly look quite moderate and far less enticing. And basically all those “investments” require you to give up control of your coins. Think twice before doing this, especially when those companies heavily rely on affiliate marketing, AKA pyramid MLM crap. Personally I leave some stablecoin reserves in one of the more trustworthy flexible savings accounts (e.g. Binance), but I would never risk substantial sums or my precious Sats in some of these more or less fraudulent Ponzi constructs from Profitwallet to Berfinance and whatever else is out there…


Just hold your coins and preserve your inner peace. Bitcoin will go 6 figures. Most likely in 2024. Bitcoin will go 7 figures. Most likely before 2030. Relax. The fiat world is on self destruct timer, and Bitcoin is the black hole that swallows it all. That is not even a matter of faith any more. It is mathematics and economics. Only question is “how quickly”, and if your setup is sound, that won’t really bother you. 

Ignore the short term price fluctuations, and above all, ignore the “news” and the “experts” – mercenaries and self-important parasites, basically all of them. “Bitcoin could go to XXX this cycle”, “Bitcoin could crash to XXX in this scenario”. Of course it “could”, useless twats. Usually the bias of their “analysis” corresponds to their own positions being long or short… Ignore them. No attention, no views, no clicks. Starve out the attention seekers.

5. Sell or use whatever you need and want, without regrets. 

Personal example: In 2022 I discovered a special breed of livestock guardian dogs, the “Germanic Bear Hound”. They are my perfect spirit animals, and I decided to buy a pup. Bitcoin was around 18K Dollar at the time, I was short on fiat (thanks to the cryptophobic and xenophobic banking system here in Paraguay), the breeder was accepting Bitcoin, and the bear cub cost me about 6 Bitcent.

Yep, pretty expensive dog, if you apply Bitcoin prices of today, or think about possible future exchange rates… so what? At that point I wanted this little guy, he was and is worth the price and would have been worth a whole Bitcoin, and I did not regret my decision for one second.

Floki will still be with me when BTC goes 7 figures, and we have enough left to buy delicious meat and bones and stuff for him and me, for as long as we want to live this life.

Bitcoin was invented not as a perverted crypto stock, but as freedom money. Use it as such. The fact that freedom money assimilates increasing numbers of fantasy fiat paper slips  like a singularity is just an added benefit. 

6. Focus on real growth in your life. 

Time is on our side, it favors the HODLers. And while money is a useful tool, it does not define you, and it does not necessarily make your life better, let alone you as a person. Ever met some of the over-night crypto millionaires? Yeah. You might understand then. Lambotards, most of them. 

So, while you patiently HODL, focus on whatever is really important to you. Or finally find out what that is. Learn to play an instrument. Meditate. Work out. Build a company. Study the philosophers of old, sharpen your mind. Start a family – if that is what you really want, you think it’s a good idea in this world, and you are mature enough for it. Tend to a garden or grow a food forest. Learn to communicate with animals. Carve elaborate sculptures into a corn of rice…
Whatever makes you a better person, whatever is in alignment with the path your soul wishes to walk in this life. Much better than staring at charts all day and trying to get that 10x trade to “make it all back” what you lost in previous market manipulations… LOL

7. Gain independence, not just financially. 

Basically the continuation and logical consequence of 1., once you have succeeded.
Thanks to my rather winding and weird road through life (among other stations I was a high level consultant – and a hobo on a bicycle, with no money at all) I met a lot of poor people – most of which thought money would solve all of their problems. I met a lot of people of wealth, “rich” folks – most of which were unhappy, never satisfied, even more driven by greed and fear, never having “enough”.

Money is a nice tool, convenient to have, but it will only amplify what is – or is not – already in you. Work on your independence. From retarded images of what the ideal life looks like, as the “enemy of the people” media perpetuate it, and fake-platforms like Instagram glorify it. That marriage whore that checks out the Patek Philippe (or LOLex if you have no style…) on your wrist to calculate if you are worth sucking dry (financially, ofc) – not worth it. Vain empty-headed and opportunistic groupies that flock to you if you are wealthy – are those the friends you desire? If so, go for it. Get that Lambo. Outrun the rich people rat race, if you can. There will always be a faster rat to chase, and always someone who adjusts the brakes on your hamster wheel… have fun. 

I prefer to follow my own rules, values (some of which are materialistic in nature, nothing wrong with that) and lifestyle.

If you really know what you want and need on your path it becomes a lot clearer why you want to make amount X of money, and it becomes clear that more than that is unnecessary and the energy wasted on chasing MOAR is better spent on other things… like your own personal / intellectual / spiritual growth. Brings with it a rather relaxed state of mind – personally I have reached the level (and most of you would be shocked and laugh your collective asses off how low my “net worth” is, LOL) where I know I have enough to live my life as I see fit, for as long as I still want to live it, without compromises, without the need to fleece others, without the need to pimp myself out to a world that does not share my values. 

And when (not if) Bitcoin sucks up a little more of the central bank fantasy paper slips and goes up a little more, I have more than enough for anything still left on my “bucket list before intentionally kicking the bucket” – and will need to find someone worthy to give the rest to (nah, don’t beg, I already have someone in mind 😆). 

When your mind has left the rat race, your portfolio value will follow, eventually. 

I wish you, no, not “luck”, my friend… clarity, purpose and passion for your path and a healthy “fuck y’all” attitude towards the normie lemmings and their absurd ways!  

P.S.: You might notice the total absence of product/exchange recommendations, affiliate links and newsletter subscription forms in this article. I don’t need any of those. 

Make use of my ideas and opinions – or don’t. 

Your life, your decision. I just say what I think I should say. 

P.P.S.: Yes, everything that I wrote applies to bear markets, sheep markets, cat markets and not-at-all markets as well. Glad you noticed.