What am I doing right NOW?

Sometimes updated as things, life and I develop. Or not. 
Last: March 2024

Some Things Change. Some Things Change EVERYTHING.

Yeah well, that happened. Although not the way it was supposed to.

My last “job” and obligation in this life went wrong (happens, and there is little to be done about it, – no matter how sad and dumb it may have been in this case), so now I am free to leave this incarnation behind, or play around as long as this weird sandbox “reality” has something to offer that keeps me entertained and amused.

Currently I live a quiet and rather nice hermit life in rural Paraguay, with my animal friends and plants.
Maybe I’ll pimp my old expedition truck (which I live in instead of a house) and go traveling for a bit during the next years.

Maybe not.

Maybe I’ll buy a cute little old boat or remote little Robinson-Crusoe-island and leave a sign on this website saying “Gone Sailing”. And I won’t come back from that trip.
Maybe not.

Maybe I’ll finish 2 books that I am writing for those who do not need them because they already understand (the others won’t get it anyways).
Or not.

I do not know yet, and follow my mood and instincts from day to day. Usually it is totally enough just to be, have great coffee, feed the chickens, play with my dogs, toys, plants… sit under a tree and smoke a tobacco pipe…
….think… don’t think…or at least try not to… 🤷🏻‍♂️😆

I have the resources and the freedom to do whatever the fuck I like, quite often I totally lack the motivation and any reason to do anything at all in or for this world, and there is no human being on this planet any more that I owe any explanation or responsibility.

See you around, motherfuckers, – or not. 🖖🏻

P.S.:  I’ll probably switch the site back to my native language – German. No more need to address a “global” audience. More need to convey things precisely the way I want to. “Etwas endet. Etwas beginnt.”