What am I doing NOW?

Sometimes updated as things, life and I develop. Or not. 
Last: June 2021

No, I am not obliged to do anything “for” this world or the retarded species that I was born into this time.
Neither am I obliged to tell anyone what I am doing with my remaining time on this planet of the mutant monkeys.

For the few that matter I sometimes do, both.
But usually I am just a happy old kid toying and messing around in that big sandbox / simulation that we call “reality”.

I play computer games. I smoke pipes (just tobacco, thank you!)

I HODL and sometimes trade crypto currencies (and I told you stupid cunts years ago to buy Bitcoin, so no need to be whining now!)

On occasion I follow the white rabbit that actually came out of nowhere and now lives on our property, am an obedient servant of the cats and my dog, and engage in actual anarchy (AKA gardening).

I also try to remember how to play the cello (finally got my Yamaha SVC 210) and learn a little piano.

And while the global medical fascism still interferes in some aspects of our lives and has forced us to postpone some of our plans (like moving our primary residence to Uruguay) we are quite happy that we live in a relatively red pilled region of the world where the rule of the maskists is not absolute and people are not (yet) forced to get injected with experimental crap “vaccines”.

Take care folks, keep your middle fingers erect, and opt out of the nonsense and brainwashing as well as you can.

Until next time.

((( btw. the idea of a “now” page as a) a public commitment to larger goals and b) a polite way to say “would you please fuck off with anything unrelated to the stuff I am doing” was conceived by Derek Sivers. Cool dude anyways, and another awesome introvert. )))