“This is who we are…”

“This is who we are.” – We never were no formal group, no secret society.

No blood oaths, no goat-headed rituals, no masonic symbolism. Those are for children, and thelemites.

We just were. And our bonds were forged on other planes of existence.

For a while, we managed to balance things out. But our ethical restrictions put us at a disadvantage. Like the Ostrogoths at Mons Lactarius we lost, honorably, and will vanish now.

Some of us might disperse, mingle with our opponents of old, their pawns and tools.

Some of us will move on to different worlds, different species and leave this one to the path it has chosen.

But our core beliefs, our sacred creed, our vision what we and this species of mutant monkeys we fell in love with could have been… will never change.

“This is who we are.”