Tinder Bio – directors cut

Wow – you made it here… I am intrigued. You have already beaten the perma-scrolling “smart” phone zombies who can’t conjure up more than a swipe or a “hello“ or a meaningless one-liner at best…

This text was originally written to weed out the majority of “normal” women and outright hookers from my Tinder contacts – but is a good start for anyone who contemplates getting closer to me. And maybe an inspiration as well for those who strive to move past our embarrassing mating rituals and relationship models. Read – and make of it whatever you want and can.
Update April 2024: I canceled my Tinder Gold, so in case you are still interested after reading this novel, alternative contact infos are at the end.

I am writing this wall of text because no human that is worth meeting fits into the ridiculous amount of characters that Tinder and similar platforms allow as a “bio”, and I want to scare off the majority of the women who “liked” me there 😂 – I am very likely not the guy you are looking for, neither are you the rare type of woman that I can tolerate close to me (although quite a few of you are seriously cute and probably very likeable and fuckable as per normal standards). But I’m done with trial and error and sifting through annoying “dates” and endless low-IQ “chats”,  and not interested in irrelevant quickies in some cheap motel, so here we go… 

This is going to be quite the anti-sales-letter.
Let’s see if it works as intended… 😂🙈😂

I am pretty much done with this species as a whole, 90-99.9% of men (depending on country/culture), and around 92% of women are simply obnoxious mutant monkeys with no self awareness, driven by greed, fear and hormones –  and/or just distracted, braindead zombies. And those are rather well-meaning estimates.
I do not say this in a “hateful” way – this „reality“ simulation is a funny thing, everybody may play the game the way they want, and I may have my own, very different opinions about the game and the way „project earth“ has (d)evolved and with it the majority of players – and I may quit and uninstall the game, eventually. More on that later. 

Still, I am human as well (for now, and for the last time), and there is a tiny rest of longing, for connection, actual, deep connection, for warmth, for sex, for a female counterpart and corrective to my though processes (most are dumb and too lazy to use their brains, but those who are not have a different form of wisdom and insight that I highly value), for someone who has walked slightly similar paths in this and previous lives and came to not necessarily the same, but “compatible” conclusions, someone I can take seriously and respect, and at the same time be childish and horny and simply happy with.

There is a lot on my mind regarding women, men, and our various levels of interaction, and the insane bullshit that surrounds all of that, and I will intentionally turn this into a novel (still only scratching the surface, would need a couple books to cover it all) – people who are too lazy or stupid to read, understand, think, or express their thoughts piss me off, not just in relationships.

On the other hand – please don’t mistake this novel for an oversized check list where you have to reach a 97% score before you can “apply”. I am not looking for a female clone of myself. I want to give you the chance to have some insight into my head, heart and soul before you get any closer. Most people get to really know each other only after they have fucked, if ever, and the results are, yeah well, just look around… 

To save some (probably most) of you the time – here is my essential no-go/no-fuck list, things that I don’t compromise on any more.  If you are one or more things on this list – kindly don’t waste your or my time. Not gonna work. 

Extroverts. And brainwashed introverts that try to be extroverts because extroverted is “normal”. And cunty extroverts that pretend to be introverted for mystery points. The constantly blathering, self-important loudmouths annoy me, it is impossible (and not worth it) to balance the different energy levels, and they simply do not know what deep feelings are. That subspecies is a royal pain in the ass, responsible for most of the things that went wrong with humanity, and I can do without them, in general, and in relationships 100%. Quiet hermit life for the win – with occasional visits from that one compatible other hermit, maybe…

Hookers. Meaning all those embarrassing Instagram/TikTok/Onlyfans low-level sexworkers, “models”, “influencers”  and “content creators” who think that asking money for the incredible skill of squeezing your oversized butt and plastic tits into the same (heavily filtered) picture is empowerment… Actual honest whores who provide a real service for money are ok with me – just not very interested, I prefer sex with a spiritual and emotional rather than monetary component. 

Hobby whores and marriage whores. I live in Paraguay, and about every other woman (ok, let’s say 30-40%) here fucks around for money, I could literally “have” half a dozen of insanely cute 20 year old single moms who ruined their life with some idiot that ran off and now desperately look for a „sugar daddy“ to fix and bankroll their life… well, maybe should have used your brain before breeding with some asshat that had nothing in common with you except being young, dumb and horny… Nope, (almost) sorry, kindly bugger off, not my thing. Same goes for entitled “high maintenance” “princesses” and all those other stone-age pussies who have nothing to offer apart from their body and are just looking for a provider that they can milk (and usually not even in a pleasurable way).

Kids. I have none, and that was a conscious choice, was tempted only twice in my life by that idea, briefly. I have no intention of paying for your poor decisions of the past (not even talking about money here) or bring up kids with some strangers asshole DNA (otherwise daddy would still be around, unless he died). Go find some weak dude or pervert who likes that. If your kids are grown and gone and you have reached a healthy level of detachment, ok – but otherwise I am not interested in moms. Not even the hottest of MILFs. And nope, I do not want to have children of our own with any of you, either – so if you want or have kids, move on. 

Religious people and the braindead hopium-smoking part of the “spiritual” folks. We live in the dim age, not the golden age of 5th dimensional aquarius maya mambo jumbo ascension, and you lazy gullible idiots are the main reason for that. Would require another novel – lets just say for now that devout christians/jews/muslims make my skin crawl (buddhists, hindus and non-LARPing pagans slightly less), Rome in particular is my mortal enemy and has been through several lives, and the delusional majority of the “spiritual” new age crowd make me wanna punch them. Just like the egotistical magic “secret” believers who see spirituality as a means to get rich and always have a parking lot… Muppets.
Personally I treat spirituality more like science – there is a lot of fascinating stuff that we do not yet fully understand, some of that (like the basic fact of reincarnation) is sufficiently evident in my opinion, but I do not buy into the dogma that clerical parasites have built around those things, nor do I look for hope or salvation and feel-good blah – I forge my own path and choose my own challenges/developments, as a soul, and currently as a funny strange mutant monkey – nothing is written, and the “gods” can go fuck themselves. If you have a problem with that, stay away, no proselytising and “saving” needed or wanted.

Really fat and/or really ugly. Oops, that was politically incorrect. LOL. I am not a model myself, I do not chase women just because of their looks, and opposite to the lies that most men will tell you I really value your mind and soul higher than your body. But I DO appreciate a cute butt, and I am not looking for a “just friends” relationship, so a certain degree of physical attraction is a must. I do not have a specific “type”, and somewhat chubby can actually be a turn-on, but if I have to drill through 70 pounds of lard around any possible point of entry… ok, lets not get into that any further… LOL… just not my thing.

The “buena onda”/“good vibes only” crowd. This desperately “positive” mindset usually indicates simply a lack of brain and depth, and heightened levels of drugs/alcohol and shitty loud music. You don’t have to be a sad sack and spend your days complaining (I certainly don’t), but most people of average or above average intelligence tend to be “happy pessimists” instead of mindlessly “positive” nutters. Only people with close to zero ethics and/or low intelligence/perception and/or a high capability to repress what humans really are in essence and what is actually going on in our world beneath the Instagram surface or beyond their tiny „spiritual“ bubble can maintain a permanently “positive” attitude. And maybe some Buddha-level folks, but I do not know any of those. I very much prefer “happy pessimists” and “friendly misanthropes” like myself who see, don’t look away, and decide to enjoy some aspects of this weird existence nevertheless. 

Language: German, English, or bust. My IQ is well over 140, but when it comes to learning foreign languages, I am a dumbass. Probably has to do with the fact that my command of my native language (German) is quite high, my thoughts complex, and my expectations are too high what I can and should achieve in a foreign tongue. Also has to do with the fact that I am not much of a people person – can get chatty, but only with the right people, and no fucking smalltalk, please. Which is as it should be, but terrible for learning languages. I am also a globalist (not in the WEF sense) and think a “common tongue” is a must for humanity, – local languages are something to study for curiosity and cultural nostalgia, not for everyday use.  So – you will get the most out of my mind if you speak German, English is ok, anything else won’t work. The coarse mixture of weird Spanish and Guarani that people speak here in Paraguay never appealed to me, I do speak a little Spanish, but not enough for any serious conversation and I am not too keen on learning more of it, I don’t intend to be around much longer (neither Paraguay, nor planet earth).

Alcoholics and other druggies. I am not some bigoted prude, I don’t care if you drink on occasion (a decent single malt or dark craft beer for me, cheers), or if you smoke some weed here and there, – but people who need constant chemical adjustment to deal with themselves and/or the madness of this world may have my sympathy and understanding, but I don’t like them very close to me. Oh, sometimes I smoke a (tobacco) pipe, during winter more frequently, and like most pipe smokers I identify as a non smoker and find cigarettes rather annoying.
People who use “being busy” as a drug to constantly avoid silence, depth, thought, challenge, development because they have “no time” – are just another type of druggies, btw, and are also to be avoided – get your priorities straight, or lose me.

No self-awareness. A minority of men (not to be confused with “male feminists”, castrated somethings,  and other jokers indoctrinated by the official brainwashing) have tried to develop past the primitive programming of our brain stem and many of the embarrassing behavioural patterns that our evolution plus religious and societal indoctrination have burdened us with. Which usually wrecks our “market value”, therefor many opportunistic and sexually dependent men revert to the old ways because they “just work” with the majority of dumb cunts. Embarrassing. Most women however never even tried,  refuse to acknowledge the design flaws, pretend there is nothing wrong with the female ways. They are under less pressure (their age-old BS still kinda works, there are enough spineless idiots (Onlyfans, LOL), needy simps, manipulative scumbags and primitive cave men out there), the female programming is more complex and harder to control, so it is easier to pretend it isn’t there and just be “feminine”, right? Preferably confuse “butterflies” and  WPS (wet pussy syndrome) with “love”, play the princess and the victim, usually at the same time, manipulate and control while love to be manipulated, lied to and controlled… Total discrepancy between the “emancipated” talking points that you recite – and the way you live and interact with men? Play stupid games half of the time and throw shit tests around all the time but pretend not to know what that even is? And then bitch and moan when you are called out and blab about how it is not your fault because it is “in your nature”, because you “need to” constantly “evaluate” men? Well guess what – not gonna fly. Your “nature” is shit, just like ours. Not all of it, but most. Become aware of it. Deal with it. To find new ways of preserving the valuable core of masculine/feminine energy but without all the bullshit – is a challenge, for all of us. You don’t get a free pass any more. If we don’t take a good hard look into the mirror, see where we stand, define what we WANT to be and then take baby steps in that direction… we will perpetuate the same crap that we have been doing since the time of the sabre tooth cat and woolly mammoth, keep breeding like rabbits, and keep breeding the worst traits over and over again that have outlived their usefulness and now actually threaten our survival and further development as a species. I do not care about that on a larger scale (mankind is done anyways, and hopefully soon), but for the rest of my life I do not let any woman get close to me that is not aware of these things and working to overcome them.

End of list.

So – I‘m wondering if there might be some compatible mind out there, in a female form, that does not make me scream and facepalm and self-isolate even harder… 😂 I would be baffled, and amazed, and maybe something develops from such an unlikely encounter. What DO I look for in a woman?

Your age? Does not concern me, in both directions, as long as you are not entirely dried up and asexual, or an entirely ovary-driven immature dumbass on the other hand. I am 56, an unusual mix of wise and childish, physically in ok shape – so if you are 20 or 60 does not really matter to me. What matters to me is the wisdom and playfulness of your ancient soul, the kindness of your heart, an unforgiving and well honed intellect that does not fear to look at the human garbage that we all carry with us (and maybe you even consciously try to live against our embarrassing programming), a brutal honesty in all matters, and a very independent, but still warm personality. 

I am kind (usually – unless you piss me off with the usual female indirect communication/gaslighting BS, LOL), not weak, neither “alpha“ nor “beta”, and “dominant” women are just as laughable and repulsive as “dominant” and “assertive” “alpha” men. Dumb women who follow the old programming and misunderstand kindness or the attempt to take them seriously for weakness and neediness and simping – get lost, the cave with some appropriate abusive lying asshole for you is right over there, have fun. If you are a control freak and  “leader” or if you are a submissive “follower” – find someone else. I need an equal mind next to me, or no one. 

Physical attributes? If your finger nails 💅 are longer than your attention span, please go away. If you spend more time on makeup and constantly changing hair color than on spiritual and intellectual growth or playing with your dog in the dirt – bitch, please🙄. And no amount of tits can compensate for a shitty personality or a dumb, superficial mind. That being said – I am just a normal man when it comes to the criteria my brain stem and the directly connected body parts are looking for, so no surprises there. What is unusual is that I don’t confuse erection with connection and will always pick the woman I feel connected to (even if she is a bit less “attractive”) over the dumb doll with the huge plastic boobs. I prefer natural anyways (make-up is a great way to keep me away, LOL)  and most “models” actually make me yawn with their artificial, generic fake-beauty. If you forced me to pick a certain “type” I would probably go for a freckled Irish natural redhead, not too skinny, but this is not what really matters to me – so if your skin is white or yellow or brown or whatever and your body is perfect or not – don’t really care. If mind and soul are in alignment, you can have a wonderful experience with almost any body.

Sexual preferences? Boring, by Pornhub standards. No kinks, no fetish, no violence, no humiliation, no golden showers, no need to intensify the experience with gadgets and toys, no pain. “Just” the union of bodies that belong together because their souls do. Sometimes a brief casual thrill and relaxation, sometimes a mystical union of cosmic proportions and intensity. Energy flow beats artistic try-hard sport-fucking every time. And no, five minutes a day is NOT enough 😆

Social life? Ew. More than 3 people are a horde, and act accordingly. I rarely need that. I would value meaningful conversations and intimate happy stupidity among equal minds and souls slightly more often, but the choices are few. And most of those are too busy in their homemade hamster wheels, or trying hard to fit in and pretend to be like everybody else. Quite disappointing, so usually I prefer the company of my animal friends, at least my fat red tomcat and my Germanic Bear Hound are way fucking smarter and wiser than most people, and they talk less shit. Heck, even my chickens do. 

Political views? Bwaaaahahahhhhh. Seriously? If you still care about “countries”/nationalism, government, political parties, or the officially endorsed outrage of the day (Covid hysteria, Russssssiaaaaa evil!, Ukraine, global warming, “terrorism”, trans supremacy, veganism, BLM, gun control, “Nazis” aka people that disagree with your personal trigger philosophy, 5G, nano bots, blahfuckingblah…) we will probably not get along too well… I am neither conservative nor liberal, nor a member of any other manipulated sheeple cult, including the flat earth / QAnon level tin foil hatters. Although a lot of “conspiracy theories” are annoyingly real and the X Files were basically a documentary 😉😆
I just have specific opinions about specific topics that put me in disagreement with literally everyone in the “political spectrum “ 🤣🖕🏻🤷‍♂️ – and I have stopped preaching and debating and getting all worked up over stuff that doesn’t matter anymore anyways. 

Social status, job, money? No fucks given. I used to be a high-level consultant, and I lived as a hobo for a couple years. Along the way and between the extremes I found out what actually matters to me. I have enough money to live my life as I see fit, without having to „work“ or the need to compromise on my beliefs – because I do not need much. No, I am not „rich“, and I couldn’t care less. I have some expensive toys, but I live in an old expedition truck on 3 acres of land – not because I could not afford a “nice” house, but because I don’t care, I hate having slaves, errr, „staff” and the need for a lot of maintenance,  and I literally don’t need to “cement” my life any more. If you are rich or poor, if you are “society” or from a hovel – who gives a shit. I value a woman who can take care of herself, has a life, preferably her own nest as well, and is not dependent on a “provider”. And I value someone who knows their value, no matter what they do for a living, and do what they love, no matter the outcome. So, if you have more Bitcoin than me or less, if you drive a Jeep Gladiator or some beaten 125cc motorcycle, if you are a baker or a waitress or a doctor – I don’t care. I will look into your eyes and your heart, and if I see emptiness there, your Gucci purse, your high heels (hate those anyways, lol) or your other status symbols won’t matter, at all. 

Lifestyle? No fucks given either. While I value some of the “finer” things (like a decent espresso maker, or classical music from high-end headphones), most of the status symbols, living/housing standards and fashion dictates of this world just make me laugh. I dress sloppily/outdoorsy or not at all, my feet are usually spectacularly dirty because I wear flip-flops most of the time or walk barefoot, and you will never ever again in this life see me in a suit or with a tie. If you can’t stand my rather big dogs (yes, they will hop up and soil your clothes, they will lick you if they like you, they are not “well behaved”), go away. There are also cats, chickens, and sheep, btw. And probably some other critters by the time you visit me. Deal with it. Or even better- love it.
I do not fit into any stereotypes and boxes – I have a few tattoos, but they don’t define me, I usually ride one of my two motorcycles (a KTM 390 and a Royal Enfield Classic 500 – nothing fancy), but I am not “a biker”, I look like a street bum sometimes and my household is usually an embarrassing mess, yet I have that aura of somewhat aristocratic snobbism and being “different” around me, I scare people and make them uncomfortable because most can’t read me (or misread me, hehe) and because I (unintentionally) trigger change in them and force them to lift their masks, I am lazy or hyperactive, I am usually fearless in actual danger and timid and easily annoyed in everyday situations (e.g. total phobia of paperwork and fucking bureaucracy), I play the cello and studied physics, literature and philosophy – but don’t give a shit about any of the word fapping any more, and have rather developed a bunch of (half assed) blue-collar-skills, so the intellectuals think of me as an alien just as much as the “ordinary” people, and so on… In short – the white penguin. Can you relate? Really? I am stunned. Let’s make little white penguins. Err. Kidding. No kids. 

Body count? I do not care about mainstream “morality” – but if you fuck everything that your ovaries find “attractive”, you are just one of the usual mundane “liberated” superficial sluts and probably think that having deep feelings and thoughts or actually caring about someone is a sign of a “narcissist”, or whatever buzzword is currently en vogue with the Tiktok „pop psychology for retards in 30 seconds“ crowd. It is also a simple fact that there is no such thing as “casual” sex – only trivial people who do not realize and can not sense what it changes in you, what disgusting residual energies you carry with you after having sex with some meaningless piece of meat.
I have a simple rule – I only have sex with women that I love. Period. Not necessarily on a cosmic “I’ve known and loved you since the dawn of time” level, but if there is just physical attraction, no actual connection, no mutual respect, no intellectual bond, no recognition of the soul – then your pussy or your pretty doll face do not matter to me, either. 

Type of relationship? Depends. Honesty and clarity above all – the rest may or may not develop as it needs to be. Not too long ago I ran into my oldest and dearest soul mate / twin flame – and we screwed up this time, badly. None of your business, but I know that was the last of my “old” soul connections that I met in this life, so I won’t burden you with that level of expectation, and I have no more unending cosmic love to give to anybody else (did I mention I’m always too honest? 🙈😆). I am open and available for something not superficial, but very free and respectful and independent. Not just a fuck buddy, more like “friends with benefits”, but slightly deeper. Actually the kind of connection where most primitive women friendzone the man because they are too dependant on their hormonal programming. Maybe you are different. Then we will find something that works for us.  I think marriage is a useless ritual and a blatant lie most of the time, in theory I think “free love” (often confused with indiscriminately fucking around) is the way to go – but that only works among equal souls that have a very high level of self-awareness, honesty and are past their basic human programming and uncontrolled sexual cravings. I am also older now and love to spend a lot of time alone or with my animal friends – so in reality I’ll probably stick with one part-time/weekend partner. And please – take responsibility for your feelings – women who need to be “conquered” and “seduced”, manipulated and dominated by a „gentleman“ so that they conveniently can play the victim afterwards- no thanks, I don’t play the stone age kindergarten games anymore.

Are you still here? WTF.

OK, five more things that came up a couple times:

“Will you save the world with me?” Nope. Been there, done that. Unnecessary, the planet will survive and recover from that “homo sapiens” infestation, eventually. And mankind does not deserve to survive. You don’t have to share my opinion on that, and I deeply respect those who keep up the fight against all odds and still think they can turn our fate around. From what I can tell humanity is past the point of no return, in many ways, and to reverse what is coming we would have to do a lot of things that the “good guys” are not willing and able to do. So let it happen, the majority of mutant monkeys has made their decision, let them live through the shit show that they have chosen. Our best bet is to disengage, focus on our own, inner, development, and to move on to other worlds or dimensions after this incarnation, leave project earth behind and leave it to the fools and those who have ruthlessly and successfully turned it into an embarrassing clown world. Pity, but hey – well played, assholes, I salute you 🫡.

“Are you some kind of monk or saint, an all-knowing self-righteous wannabe god?” – Almost. 😆 I just have been around many times and for quite a while, try to see past some of the deceptions and be as honest as possible with me and the world. I have made many mistakes in my life, and probably will fuck up spectacularly during my last years as well, on occasion… I have hurt people, and a few of them did not deserve it. Allowed indifferent, distracted women to hurt me. Have to live with that, both. Learned some lessons though, grew, and decided that the percentage of bullshit that I am unaware of in my life needs to go down, I need to see and understand the patterns and the programming that “control” me to a certain degree, and go against them whenever it feels right. Came pretty far over the years, but still far from 100% success rate, and I do not expect you to be perfect and uber-human either. But I expect you to be on the way, with eyes wide open, brain switched on, a healthy disdain for being “human”, and preferably in sync with the path of your soul.

“You are just the typical white CIS male and a misogynistic asshole!” White, straight, male – yup. You forgot “old” and “balding”. Race baiting and genderism don’t work on me, get lost. Typical? not so much. Asshole? In a way, sure.  Misogyny? No, I dislike humans in general, in their unrefined primitive form. Men are just as bad, if not worse – primitive lying assholes, walking dicks, the lot of them, ever heard them talk about you when no woman is around? Half of them have the Tate brothers as their role model, despicable cunts.
In most societies though females are the ones who decide who they are with, who they have sex with, and who they procreate with. Nobody is forcing you. So you DO have a higher level of responsibility, for the shitty relationships that you choose, and for the further development (or the stagnation and devolution) of this species – and frankly y’all are lagging behind and doing a shit job with that. Stop whining and bitching and whoring and breeding and circle-jerking about the oh so superior “female energies” and how “the future is female” (dystopian hellhole incoming…) – and start to evolve, fucking finally. If even men can do it…

“Why always so grumpy and earnest, such gravitas… can you even laugh?” Oh, I can. I can be so silly you will be embarrassed to be seen with me in public. I also left behind my intellectual elitism years ago – you can binge-watch more or less dumb shows (SciFi usually) with me, and I can easily get lost in a bunch of fantasy books or a computer game for a couple weeks… There are just a few things that I take moderately seriously – and the fucked up situation we all are in in terms of relationships, love, sex, procreation and all that… is one of them.

“I want to build a future with you”. I feel honored. But I don’t. Our encounter, if it happens, will not be meaningless. But it will be limited. Probably it will help you to build your future, in one way or another. Mine however is on a flexible schedule, but the outcome is already determined – I intend to leave this world behind, break the cycles, and not come back. Yes, “suicide” (stupid word, in German we have “Freitod”, “freely chosen death”, much closer). Not out of desperation, but because I sense it is almost time to move on and I did what I needed to do in this life (some things failed miserably, but ok, I’ll take those failures, or at least the saddest one, with me), – and I will move on to other worlds, project earth is over, for me. Timeframe 2-3 years, maybe 5, max 10 if things keep me exceptionally happy and playfully and meaningfully occupied. Got to clean up a few things, finish writing two books, and prepare for the path I intend to take afterwards – when I feel that I am ready, I will announce it, and go. If you cannot grasp that idea and be ok with it, please keep your distance. 

All said and done? Of course not. But if you made it that far you might be worth meeting, and it should give you a good idea of what to expect, and if there is any kind of resonance between our minds and souls. 

So, cat-wolf, wise and silly lonely she-wolf – you out there? Either you find me – or you don’t. You will know who and what I am and what we can be for each other – or you won’t. You will sense and understand the relevance of our encounter and spend some time close to me – or not. Either way it’s ok for me.
I value companionship – but I am used to walking my path alone and can make it through the last few miles easily on my own. 

If you think that you might want to walk beside me for a while – I talked enough about me, now it’s your turn. Tell me about you, the path you have taken in the past, your dreams, the paths you want to explore next, and what you value most in this strange alien world. 

I’ll listen.

Contact: you probably came here from my Tinder profile, but thanks to Tinders abysmal support and the equally abysmal average “quality” of the (mostly fake) profiles there, I let my Tinder Gold expire, so better use one of the other contact options:
You can message me on Telegram or WhatsApp, or shoot me an email at thewanderer @ martin-the-wanderer . com (remove the spaces from the email address). And don’t give me any of this “but the man has to write first” crap. A – I did. A lot. You just read it. And b – it’s the fucking 21st century. Get over this “I just have to bat my eyelashes and touch my hair and it is his job to know I want him and make the first step” BS… Now move – or get outta here.

P.S.: Sharing -the opinion of other people means nothing to me, with less than a handful exceptions. And I posted this text on my public website. So if you found it to be entertaining, deep, retarded, ridiculous, funny, weird, insightful, enlightening… whatever – feel free to share the link ( https://www.martin-the-wanderer.com/martin-the-wanderer-tinder-profile/ ) or the shortlink ( https://tinyurl.com/mtwprofile ) on the channels and platforms you use. I do not care, and maybe there are a few folks out there, women or men, who are stuck somewhere along a similar path of development, and just need that little nudge and encouragement to move beyond the usual absurd mating rituals and “relationship” nonsense. Never apologize for not being a trivial mutant monkey, move forward, no matter how empty and lonely that road ahead may seem to be.

P.P.S.: Books – as mentioned before I am in the process of condensing some of my experiences, knowledge and unpopular opinions into two books. One focused on the same things this text was about, but more in-depth, plus how to achieve sexual independence, which is the key to actual, untainted love or confident solitude. Working title “Marry your right hand.” 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
The other targeted at our species and why I think it is best to end this charade and start over as amoeba.
Available for download and physical purchase most likely in early 2025, at least for those of you who can read German.
Bookmark my site or follow on my (mostly dormant) Twitter/X and Instagram if you look forward to more of my incoherent rantings. 😉