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screencapture-martinthewanderer-tumblr-com-1453084476205Just a brief note: those of you who prefer images and short glimpses into other people’s life and despise walls of text – here is food for you!

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Winter Solstice 2015

DSCF1288Hey you Northerners! ;-)

As many of you already know, I currently live in the Southern Hemisphere – but most of my inner rhythms and my spiritual connections are still “of the North”. To the ravens return, I must… ;-)  But that’s another story…


I wish you a wonderful winter solstice.

May you enjoy the remaining darkness and shadows like a bear in his cave.

May the returning light warm your asses and souls to a degree that you like.

May your connection with the spirits and the land grow even stronger in the upcoming new cycle.

…and may you pursue your dreams with the love and persistence of a peaceful warrior.

…and I will probably switch on the A/C today, it is bloody warm and sticky down here… :D

So it begins. Fucking finally. On procrastination, personal branding and multilingual websites…

More than feet - you have this THIS long enough, haven't you?

More than feet – you have seen THIS long enough, haven’t you?

The placeholder page has been up quite some time now.

And probably some of you are a bit tired of seeing just my foot over and over again.

OK, ok – I don’t want this website to become a major attraction for people with a foot fetish either. ;-)


Finally the two main roadblocks are GONE (in my mind and technically) and actual work on the website has begun.

I know many of you webworkers, digital nomads and aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches and authors are facing similar decisions in personal branding and webdesign and are struggling with them (or procrastinating and delaying, as I did.) – so here is my take on two popular “This is why I never get my website done” reasons: Read more