What am I doing NOW?

Regularly updated as things, life and I develop. 
Last updated: Dec 2020

Clean slate.I started over last year.

I never really felt like doing any of the shit that was previously listed here.

I felt obliged.

But I am not.

I play computer games.

I mine and trade crypto currencies.

I learn to draw (Apple pencil) and to code (Python, mainly).

Two projects are on hold since the global ‘Corona’ virus-fascism has massively interfered with our plans, and even more with my motivation to do anything, at all, ‘for this world’.
So, if my lifestyle crypto currency for introverts (HermitCoin) will ever go live… doubtful

And our move to Uruguay is on hold as well, we will re-evaluate after the madness has calmed down a bit and the political and economic developments in the post-plannedemic world become clearer.

Got enough to do anyways, – purchased a little property, constructing funny little houses, gardening, etc.

Also started to make music again – while I am waiting for an opportunity to import a Yamaha 210 Silent Cello to South America I grabbed a moderately cheap electric piano and have begun to teach myself to play it.

That’s it, for now. Suck it up, world of the dancing TicToc nurses, you do not concern me any more.

((( btw. the idea of a “now” page as a) a public commitment to larger goals and b) a polite way to say “would you please fuck off with anything unrelated to the stuff I am doing” was conceived by Derek Sivers. Cool dude anyways, and another awesome introvert. )))