What am I doing NOW?

Regularly updated as things, life and I develop. Last updated: June 22, 2016

Well, the stuff below is still on the list. In the meantime I had to go dark for a while and play “World of Tanks”. Yes. Cuz reasons. Cuz tired. Cuz “World of Humans” gives me the creeps. Does not mean I am gone or have given up or that I suffer terribly – I am just tired of playing the games that apparently are necessary for anything in this world to “work” and be “successful” among the lemmings and clickbots and sometimes prefer to be “poor” and have as little as possible to do with the world of humans. Then I come back because certain aspects of “Earth beta early access” reality simulation still are funny and still manage to intrigue me. Like now.

I still live my rather quiet and secluded “drop-out” life in Paraguay.

Besides “being NOW” my time is spent as focused as possible on these projects/goals (in order of priority):

  • Reconnect with the world.
    Not socializing locally like an extrovert (ew!), but mentally opening up after several years as a disgruntled hermit. Finding my real, positive, supportive “tribe” (online and offline). Living my mission to serve and inspire.
  • Shape my future image and brand as “Martin the Wanderer”.
    Author, mind/body coach, visionary. And yes – this site needs some love. And content.
  • Shape up in a holistic, healthy, natural way
    Calisthenics, QiGong, Peaceful Warrior, different diet, meditation, etc. Share the experience in my one-year entry level fitness course on www.spiritualbodytraining.com
  • Self-development with focus on self-discipline, voice training, making better videos, higher levels of “charisma” in a non-asshole’ish way. I use books, video courses, brainwave entrainment and hypnosis sessions – my favorite resources will be revealed on this site at some point. Btw. one part is to strengthen my visual understanding by learning to draw (get those art gallery walls ready! ;-) ).
  • Define and package up my own coaching portfolio (affordable remote coaching) and self-development courses on www.mind-reality.com – attract my “soul mate clients”.
  • Develop and communicate my vision of a “positive minimalist” lifestyle on
    www.zen-of-owning.com – and live it even more than I already do.
  • Finish writing one particular book that has been in the making for far too long.  (in German, English to follow)
  • Finish writing several other books
  • Rebuild my monetary and organizational independence, allowing me to travel, have better tools and toys, and ultimately move to a different country (Paraguay is cute, but no long-term option for me).
  • Improve my English. Needs to get on a level where I am comfortable with a) publishing not just articles, but non-fiction Kindle books and b) making video courses in English.
  • Keep working on my long-term vision of a “Forest of the Hermits”, a very specific type of little “eco village” and retreat for exceptional introverts


  • and above all: dump or postpone all the tempting and distracting rest and focus, focus, focus… No-one and no-thing has the right to keep me from pursuing my vision, no matter how cute, loved, important, attractive and incredibly urgent they or their needs may be… :D

So – no, thank you, as much as additional cash flow would be useful, currently I am not doing translations, book layout/typesetting, webdesign, marketing / webmarketing consulting or anything else that is not closely related to the goals and projects stated above.

I am also strictly limiting the time I spend communicating with people, esp. when it is shallow or the people have a different “vibe”.

This is not meant to be rude or in a derogatory way – simply as a means to preserve my time and energy. As a rather hardcore introvert (INFP type) I am easily “drained” by people and communication and therefor focus on people and topics that are in alignment with me, my path, my personality and my vision for my life and the world.

My main contribution and “public service” – is currently in re-aligning me. :) – in addition to that I am as inspiring and positive and “educating” (in a non-aggressive way) as possible on my Facebook account and in my newsletter(s). Feel free to connect/follow and/or send questions via email or PM on Facebook. I might not answer everything and I don’t do free coaching, but I might include your questions and topics of interest in the next newsletter or upcoming videos!


((( btw. the idea of a “now” page as a) a public commitment to larger goals and b) a polite way to say “would you please fuck off with anything unrelated to the stuff I am doing” was conceived by Derek Sivers. Cool dude anyways, and another awesome introvert. )))