What am I doing NOW?

Sometimes updated as things, life and I develop. Or not. More likely not.
Last: Dec 2021

Going Dark

This website has not changed much over the past years. And it won’t change next year either. At least not much.
I will put up one final friendly rant, and then go dark.
My dear fellow humans: go live your lives as you please, go die (preferably as a species, and soon) as you please.
I’m done with the nonsense.
Don’t worry – I will live out my days somewhere, most likely somewhere in South America, among animal friends, trees, and a few unmasked humans with unwashed brains  – quite happily and unconcerned by the ways of the braindead world.
You do you.


P.S.:  Note to those still trying to recruit me for their “save the world” stuff: stop. The time to resist was 20 years ago. Folks did not listen back then, now my priorities have shifted. Do what you have to do, but I’m out.